Elastic is home to a highly curated group of directors that display their striking talent across an impressive array of visual mediums. Housed in a wonderful open architecture building in Los Angeles, the Elastic community includes award-winning sister companies Rock Paper Scissors and A52. Unconstrained by technique, the filmmakers at Elastic have the freedom and support to explore their creativity by tapping into the talents and unique resources that have made each of these companies excel. From Game of Thrones to True Detective, from mind-bending World Cup visuals for Adidas and their iconic touch for Nike, Elastic leaves their distinctive mark across any and all platforms.

Elastic is home to a highly curated group of directors that display their striking talent across an impressive array of visual mediums. Housed in a wonderful open architecture building in...  read more

Nissan: A New DayElastic
Reebok: NanoElastic
Coors Light: America Needs a BeerElastic
ESPN: NFL Kick-OffElastic
Netflix: Dave Chappelle EquanimityElastic
CNN: John Lewis—Good TroubleElastic
Xbox Gears 5: Kait BrokenElastic
Netflix: Kevin Hart Don't F**ck This UpElastic
Nike: Serena ProjectionsElastic
Riot Games: K/DAElastic
amazing stories: main titlesElastic
Jordan: Space JamElastic
Masterclass: Today's the DayElastic
Game of Thrones: Season 8 Main TitlesElastic
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: 2020 InductionsElastic
Riot Games: Legends of RuneterraElastic
ESPN: College FootballElastic
Strokes of Genius: Main TitlesElastic
Dell: Seeing MoreElastic
Apple TV+: The Morning Show Main TitlesElastic
ESPN: The Last DanceElastic
HBO: Agent of ChaosElastic
Amend: The Fight for AmericaElastic
Netflix: The Black Godfather Main Title SequenceElastic
ESPN: U.S. OpenElastic
Amazon: Hunters Main Title SequenceElastic
HBO: Between the World and MeElastic
Magnolia Pictures: Slay the DragonElastic
Nike: Impossible StairsElastic
Netflix: The Politician Main TitlesElastic
HBO: UpgradeElastic
Adobe: This is Not a StoreElastic
NFL: Let The Show Begin - DriveElastic
Apple TV: The Future of TelevisionElastic
Outsider: Main TitlesElastic
Ant-man and the Wasp: Title SequenceElastic
Oreo: Game of Thrones Title SequenceElastic
Cosmos: Possible Worlds Season 2Elastic
Netflix: The Killer InsideElastic
Deep Silver / 4A Games: Metro Exodus Main TitlesElastic
Shadow and Bone: Morzova StagElastic
Spies in Disguise: Main TitlesElastic
Toyota Mirai: PowerElastic
Legendary x JD.com: Pacific Rim UprisingElastic
NFL: Let the Show Begin - UnpredictabilityElastic
HBO/BBC: His Dark Materials Main TitlesElastic
HBO: Westworld Main TitlesElastic
The Ted Bundy Tapes: Main TitlesElastic
I am the Night: Season 1 Main TitlesElastic
TJ Maxx: Never Stop DiscoveringElastic
Xbox Gears 5: The ChainElastic
Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Main TitlesElastic
Doom Patrol: Main TitlesElastic
Netflix: Dave ChappelleElastic
Adidas: DeeruptElastic
Yellowstone: Main TitlesElastic
MTV: VMAs MontageElastic
Lore Season 2: Main TitlesElastic
Honda: YearbooksElastic
Dell: Power WithinElastic
Warner Bros.: PottermoreElastic
Girl in the Spider's Web: Main Title SequenceElastic
Netflix: David Letterman Main TitlesElastic
Coca Cola: Liquid LoveElastic
NFL: Let The Show BeginElastic
The Night Manager: Title SequenceElastic
Eli Roth's History of Horror: Main TitlesElastic
NFL: Let the Show Begin - SurvivalElastic
Ava DuVernay's 13thElastic
Semi-Permanent: Opening Title Sequence 2019Elastic
Shut Up & Dribble: Main Title SequenceElastic
Magical Congress of the USAElastic
Amazon Music: A Voice is All You NeedElastic
Hitman: World of Assassination TrailerElastic
Adidas: Audience of OneElastic
Pottermore: History of Magic in NAElastic
Riot Games: MSI InvitationalElastic
MTV: Video Music AwardsElastic
Netflix: Bobby Kennedy for President Main TitlesElastic
Riot Games: The HarrowingElastic
MTV: Sext LifeElastic
Nike: Don't Love Me. Hate Me.Elastic
Lexus: Race TrackElastic
Game of Thrones: The SightElastic

Game of Thrones: The SightElastic

hbo’s game of thrones calls upon elastic to engage fans between seasons. together they create an immersive in-world experience of dream-like visions that weaponize time, and shock an “unshockable audience”. how? get your erratic distribution model, with geographically randomized delivery, snap chat style links, unsharable three-eyed raven visions on...here

*cannes lion for mobile 2015! 

hbo’s game of thrones calls upon elastic to engage fans between ...

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Netflix: Making a MurdererElastic
American Gods: Main TitlesElastic
American Red Cross: StuffElastic
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIElastic
MTV: VMA TitlesElastic
Christopher Robin: Prologue SequenceElastic
Adidas: Black + WhiteElastic
Halt and Catch FireElastic
Nike: This Is the WayElastic
Dr. Pepper: PixelvilleElastic
Adidas: Superstar DTLAElastic
Marvel's Daredevil: TitlesElastic
Arrowhead: Nature's FixElastic
OnStar: Amazing CoastElastic
Amex: HotelsElastic
Honda: InstrumentsElastic
Chevy Spark: Dance in ParisElastic
Netflix: Dirty Money Main TitlesElastic
Wired: By DesignElastic
Lexus: Step UpElastic
NBA: Everybody UpElastic
Newport Beach: Film FestivalElastic
Lexus: Snow GlobeElastic
Ben & Jerry's: Fudge BrownieElastic
Velvet Buzzsaw: Main TitleElastic
Adidas: On Me for WeElastic
HBO: CarnivaleElastic
HBO: True DetectiveElastic