Artful Live Action

Jordan: Space JamElastic
Longchamp: Abstract DanceHornet
Fashion Week 19: ChloeL'Eloi
Clipping: ShooterNexus
Lexus: Hybrid LogicManvsMachine
Volkswagen: D5Pomp&Clout
Duracell: Pool NoodlesAspekt
Jose Cuervo: Cinco de MayoPomp&Clout
Scania: 8%Aspekt
Aviva: ClickNexus
Puma x J. Cole: DreamerPomp&Clout
COS: Sound of FashionHornet
Facebook: Oculus - Re-BoxingNexus
Nike: Impossible StairsElastic
J. Cole: ATMPomp&Clout
Adidas: Unite All OriginalsNexus
Childhood Cancer Foundation: Children Aspekt
Cassius: Go Up Ft Cat Power & PharrellNexus
Toyota: Lead the ChargeAspekt
Stockholm Exergi: Swedish ColdAspekt
Uniqlo: Ultra StretchNexus
Ugg x Zalando: For Every YouAspekt
Love WellnessL'Eloi
TV2: Someone to TrustAspekt
Film4: IdentsManvsMachine
Amazon: Time to CheerL'Eloi
Lurpak: SizzleAspekt
Charli XCX & Troye Sivan: 1999Pomp&Clout
Corona: MoversNexus
Reebok: NanoElastic
Lexus: ExtraordinaryManvsMachine
Nike: Don't Love Me. Hate Me.Elastic
Sony: Turtle CamHornet
Leaseplan: What's NextNexus
Converse: CouplesAspekt
Beyonce: No AngelPomp&Clout
Honda: Go, Vantage PointNexus
Pop-Up Roster: Maison HankoNexus

Pop-Up Roster: Maison HankoNexus

Nexus goes back to its Japanese roots with Maison Hanko, a celebratory pop-up roster of independent Tokyo-based talent and anime studios. To coincide with their 20th anniversary and the Tokyo Olympics, Nexus gathered some of the most exciting and authentic creative voices in Japan to bring Japanese talent to western productions. Get your Olympic arts on…here.

Nexus goes back to its Japanese roots with Maison Hanko, a celebratory ...

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Casper: Magic MomentAspekt
LIDL: Wow FamiliesPomp&Clout
NFL: Let the Show Begin - UnpredictabilityElastic
Airbnb: Kauai, HawaiiPomp&Clout
World Gold Council: The Auburns on TourAspekt
Nike: This Is the WayElastic
Klarna: SmoothAspekt